Making bread on wrong cycle in the bread maker

Ok so I might not have been fully awake when I put the bread on this morning. lol

I have a spicy fruit loaf in the bread maker. Unfortunately I put it on the French bread cycle.

Im thinking it will either be a massive flop, or maybe just maybe it will turn out yummy.

Has anyone else done this and what was your result?

Chef_popeye333, Mar 15, 8:10 pm

Makes hardly any difference. Not that I have made the mistake,but understand the process of breadmaking. You will love it.

Chef_lilyfield, Mar 16, 12:23 am

Yep it turned out fine, the crust was not as super crisp as a normal white loaf. But otherwise. yes it was Yummy

Chef_popeye333, Mar 16, 4:34 am


Chef_lilyfield, Mar 16, 4:39 am

Stuff the breadmaker . do it by hand :-)

Chef_ljayl, Dec 23, 2:14 am