Pumpkin Soup Recipe wanted!

sexy_dusty, May 1, 6:22am
Want a really thick taste one, thanks

brianmac, May 1, 6:31am
I do a really easy one where I microwave pumpkin pieces ( still with the skin on) until soft. When cool enough to handle, slice off the skin. In a lge saucepan or stockpot, saute 1x large chopped onion in butter, add the pumpkin and stir well as it coooks through. Add 1 litre of campbells chicken or vegetable stock and seasoning. Once heated through, whizz in blender or kitchen wizz till smooth and pour back into pan to heat through. Add nutmeg to your taste and a little milk ( just use as much as you wish to thin it a little ( it will be quite thick) or a little cream if you want a creamier version

poppy62, May 1, 6:33am
I use a pumpkin with a lovely bright orange colour. The ones with more yellow flesh are tasteless. Skin it and chop it. Fry anonion (chopped) in butter and then add the pumpkin. Let the pumpkin infuse with the butter and onions then add water - not too much - 3/4 way up the pumpkin, Let the pumpkin cook till soft and then add milk. Cook it for another 10 mins aprox and then puree it using a stick mixer. Then I add cream to taste and maybe some more milk depending on thickness. Dont forget salt and pepper and you can use nutmeg if you like.
NB:You dont need chicken stock if you use a lovely orange pumpkin.

julie28, May 1, 6:35am

sexy_dusty, May 1, 6:36am
which are the best pumpkins to use? What has the most taste?

purplegoanna, May 1, 6:38am
mine is a tm winner every winter. Roast Pumpkin & Garlic Soup
I use a whole lge white skinned ‘Crown or Grey pumpkins’, cut into wedges, peel skin, deseeded then half again, roast in olive oil with 1-2 lge garlic bulbs, broken into cloves and peeled. Separately dice & fry 5-6 rashers of bacon in a large saucepan. After bacon is browned add pumpkin pieces & garlic. Use a stick blender to blend into a smooth mix, adding enough chicken stock while blending until you get a nice thick soup consistency, then add, salt, pepper & 1tsp curry powder to taste. Reheat on low heat slowly and serve with grilled cheese toast. To impress guests add a dollop of sour cream just before serving, use a toothpick and draw lines from sour cream out into soup, then serve. Or add 1/2c of coconut cream for extra richness.

poppy62, May 1, 6:38am
The ones with the lovely orange flesh.

cookessentials, May 1, 6:42am
The crown pumpin with the grey skin are just beautiful - it is whn they are too early that they are not nice - at the moment they are ll beautifully orange. The stock adds flavour and depth of taste without overpowering the pumpkin flavour. You will find that the nutmeg enhances the soup greatly.

cgvl, May 1, 7:17am
I use the dark green pumpkins. Boil or steam pumpkin and an onion. mash add milk until desired thickness obtained, season to taste with salt and pepper. add garlic when boiling the pumpkin if desired. sometimes I also add nutmeg at the end.
You can saute the garlic and onion if desired but I usually just put all into the pot with the pumpkin.
Simple, quick and easy.

elliehen, May 1, 7:22am
If you're buying a pumpkin from the supermarket, always buy a cut half... then you can see that deep orange colour that posters mention. Sometimes it's tempting to buy a cheaper whole pumpkin which can disappoint when you cut it open.

sexy_dusty, May 1, 7:24am
thanks for that, great idea

trickytash, May 1, 7:37am
curried pumpkin soup

not good for the waistline... . but delicious!

peel and thinly slice a pumpkin. in a stock pot melt some butter and add 3 or more crushed garlic cloves... depending on your taste. add to this 2 tsp of curry power and 2 tbs of maggi chicken stock powder. stir and cook for 1 minute. add thinly sliced pumpkin and stir to coat the pumpkin. add half a cup of water and let it simmer until the pumpkin is tender. whizz in a blender or food processor, it could be completely smooth or still have a bit of texture up to you. add back to the stock pot and add in 500mls of milk and 500mls of cream... yummo!

andrea1978, May 1, 8:46am
Mmm my mum makes divine pumpkin soup with bacon hock, plenty of onions, water, salt and pepper and of course pumpkin! Oh and she puts chilli in sometimes too. So good :D

fifie, May 1, 10:19am
Purplegoanas roasted soup recipe is great. The chicken stock along with heaps of garlic, and the roasting of the pumpkin makes it so tasty Lovely pumpkins around at the moment And to make it even easier i microwave the whole pumpkin for 15 mins then its heaps better to cut into wedges and skin for me with my bad arthritis hands. Ive done 4 for the freezer my lot just love it, so thick and yummy on a cold day with sour cream and a nice warm crusty bread...

cap, May 1, 11:09pm
Thanks for all these recipes. It has reminded me I have half a pumpkin in the fridge - now I know what we are having for dinner. Mmmm... ... . .

cameron-albany, May 18, 7:06pm
some great recipes here... . I have just made my own 'version' and it's delicious... . I used a bit of left over kumara and a pice of swede as well! I roasted them all beforehand in a pan that I'd just roasted some chicken in... . and used the same sort of recipe as puplegoanna's above... . it was absolutely delicious

nauru, May 19, 4:49pm
This is a real easy recipe and very nice.

1/2 large pumpkin peeled & chopped, 2-3 carrots chopped, 1 large onion chopped, 1 stick celery chopped, 2-3 cloves garlic chopped, 2 teasp turmeric, 1 teasp gd cumin, 1/2 -1 teasp gd coriander, 1 teasp curry powder, 4 bay leaves, bouquet garni (optional), 1 ltr stock, salt & pepper, chopped fresh coriander and parsley, oil, 1 cup milk & cream mixed.

Fry onion & garlic in a little oil, add spices and stir fry. Add pumpkin, carrot, celery and mix together. Add stock & herbs and stir, bring to boil then turn heat to simmer & cook until veges are soft. Remove herbs and blend soup until smooth. Return to pan, add fresh herbs and milk mixture and season to taste, stir until combined. If soup is thinner than you like, thicken with either a little cornflour or potato starch, if too thick thin with a little more milk.

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