Recipes with low calories please

hesian, Jan 28, 8:08pm
Looked on here for thread with actual recipes suitable for those doing the 5.2 diet but cant see one. Anyone willing to contribute some?

katalin2, Jan 28, 9:05pm
I have just sent away for the 5:2 recipe book, it was only about $13 on Bookdepository with free postage.

hesian, Jan 28, 11:27pm
Ah that isnt so bad - my friend paid a lot more than that. I am still hoping to get some on here. Useful for anyone trying to lose weight.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 28, 11:31pm
Look around the Healthy Food Guide website.

245sam, Jan 28, 11:39pm

pickles7, Jan 29, 1:26am
You may find the folk will help you out in the challenge below.

katalin2, Jan 29, 1:47am
Different from the one I ordered.

245sam, Jan 29, 3:31am
That would explain the price difference, katalin2. If it had been the same book I was hoping that you weren't feeling bad about missing out on what appeared to be a bargain. :-))

slimgym, Jan 31, 5:29pm
when you get the book can you let us know, if it has recipes, etc perhaps I mean to say a book review thanks

slimgym, Feb 22, 1:56am
Hi have you got the book yet is it any good thanks

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