Flaked Rice - How do Indian people us it?

I bought a packet today & the Indian man that served me asked me what I used it for so I told him. He said they don't cook it & I wish I had asked how they use it but there was a customer behind me.
I prefer the thin flakes rather than the thick. I make a pudding for an invalid with it. Use when I haven't had time to make a rice pudding.

Chef_niffer13, Mar 15, 11:55 pm

I have seen it used in India in fresh Dosa and Idli mixes, plus puddings. 60 years ago Mother used to buy it (came in a box) and use it instead of short grain rice in puddings. She used it if she was in a hurry.Mind you fresh milk was 14 cents for 2 litres dipped out into our Billy by our Milkman who delivered at 2am!

Chef_snapperheadrkp, Dec 24, 7:45 am