Sadly lost: Madhur Jaffrey Indian cookbook

rebecca18, Feb 8, 12:34am
I have owned a wonderful Indian cookbook by Madhur Jaffrey for many years, it is very well used, very stained and now has gone walkabout? Despite the fact that I have used the book so often and love it to bits, I cannot remember the title and am hoping that some kind cook out there can prod my memory. It is a medium-sized soft cover book with a photograph of the author on the cover, she is holding a large paper bag, like the old supermarket bags, full of various vegetables. If you know the name or, even better, have a copy that you would like to sell, I would be forever grateful for your assistance

rebecca18, Feb 8, 2:57am
No takers? Really, I can't believe I'm the only one who has been using this marvellous cookbook. I challenge you to look on your bookshelf and see if it is hidden away gathering dust. It definitely does not deserve to be gathering dust or to be lost.

aphra1, Feb 8, 2:59am
Post in books as well.

goldgurl, Feb 8, 3:14am
google/google images if you you really want it :)There are a few that come up and I don't know which one you are after :)

I remember watching her cooking prgamme on Sky - was one of my favourites! !

Good luck finding the book :)

cloudberry, Feb 8, 3:14am
I have these three titles: M J's Indian cookery (1982); Eastern vegetarian cooking (1983) and A taste of India (1985). None of them have a picture on the cover like you describe, sorry.

timturtle, Feb 8, 3:19am
is this it ? ?, _Food_Drink/Internat
ional/General/9780563164913/? cf=3&rid=253288530&i=78

cloudberry, Feb 8, 3:24am
That's the one I have - same ISBN, different cover illustration though. I am happy to list it if you are sure it's the one you want.

rebecca18, Feb 8, 4:26am
Wonders will never cease, someone I thought I may have loaned the book to, but who said she hadn't borrowed it, decided to look on her bookshelf. What do you know? It was there, so I am absolutely delighted and obviously in no need of further help from you kind people. I would delete the entire thread if I knew how but alas I do not. Thank you anyway.

rebecca18, Feb 8, 4:34am
By the way cloudberryIt was the 1982 version, so it sounds as though your book is the same but with a different cover. Can I suggest that you do not sell it, use it instead, it is a fabulous book, truly. It is very easy to follow despite the fact that the recipes often have a lot of different ingredients and take some time to make. Thank you again everyone, I really appreciate your efforts :)

cloudberry, Jul 29, 6:12pm
I used to use it heaps in the 80s, then for some reason I stopped using it. I agree it has some great recipes in it and thank you for reminding me that I own it! I might start using it again.

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