Need a yummy Kumara salad recipe.

kahnyae, Jan 3, 9:49pm
Does anyone have a tried and true yummy Kumara salad recipe? Been away camping and needing a roast fix, so thought I would do a Kumara salad to go with it, just don't know where to start! Thanks in advance :)

rainrain1, Jan 3, 10:11pm
Use search to the left and type in kumera salad. last month. there you will find a couple of recipes

fifie, Jan 4, 4:33am
Kumera and Orange Salad.
Orange kumera, 2 oranges,red onion OR few spring onions and chives, Parsley.
2 tblsp red wine vinegar,2 tblsp oil, 2 tblsp sugar, s/gr pepper, mix all together.
Peel kumera cut into thick chunks put into a steamer and cook till crunch tender (dosen't take long). Cool. Remove zest from oranges and keep, then cut skin off and cut into segments. Keep any juice if there is any. Peel onion slice thinly into rings, or ohop chives or slice spring onions. Mix red wine vinegar, oil, salt pepper, sugar, orange zest and orange juice if you have any all together. Put cooled kumera in a bowl add onion rings, OR chives or spring onions if using, orange segments, , chopped parsley, pour over pre mixed dressing toss well to coat everything. Chill well before serving

cleggyboy, Jan 4, 9:49pm
There is a new kumera that will be available in April, that can be grated raw for salads. Countdown were giving out free samples a few weeks back.
I tried it roasted and thought it tasteless but not sure what it would be like raw.

birdfeeder, Feb 12, 10:07am
Kumara,Orange,Bacon & Walnut salad

Toss cubed cooked kumara (& pumpkin) with a good handful of rocket leaves, slices of 1/2 an orange, 2tbsp chopped walnuts and 2 rashers of streaky bacon cooked and chopped in pieces. Before serving drizzle over dressing:
Dressing: 1tsp wholegrain mustard, 1/2 tsp liquid honey, 2tsp lemon juice and 2tsp olive oil, s& p.

So easy, I have made all summer break.

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