Quinoa recipes please

pixieface1, Feb 17, 12:15am
quinoa recipes please. im thinking more for fritters, pancakes etc. or some really good stir fry type recipes thanks

logansrun93, Feb 17, 6:38am
ive never cooked quinoa but have eaten it. how do u cook it?

beaker59, Feb 17, 7:00am
1 of Quinoa to 2 of water then simmer til soft usually about 20min. Soaking for a while helps. Much like cooking rice, though if you overcook it tends to turn porridgy so keep an eye on it. Its surprisingly easy.

Edit to add there are instructions on the packet, and its fairly cheap.

sarahb5, Feb 17, 7:35am
I use it the same way as rice or couscous - often eat it cold as a salad - not sure how it woild go in a fritter or pancake really as thats not something I've considered using it for really

fefeoc, Feb 17, 8:59am
If it is cooked properly, is it still gritty? Have eaten it in a cafe and it was like eating coarse sand - yuk. It's not supposed to be like that, is it?

sarahb5, Feb 17, 9:02am
No its not but it needs plenty of seasoning

sarahb5, Feb 17, 9:05am

angheenan, Feb 17, 9:43pm
I usually cook mine in the rice cooker exactly the same as white rice. the coloured one needs a bit more water. once cooked you can tosse through a roast vege salad or I add mine to and omelete. I also added it to rice paper wrappers in with the veges. I think you can use it pretty much the same as rice. You can also flavour it with herbs and spice to taste.

paora-tm, Feb 16, 1:42am
Animal fodder!

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