Magnesium rich recipes please

wendalls, Jan 6, 7:00am
Smoothie for breakfast using banana, yoghurt and almonds or chocolate.

bev00, Jan 27, 10:30am
Just came across this recipe, which I plan to make this weekend, which uses black beans

ruby19 (23 23 positive feedback) 8:16 am, Sat 25 Jan #11
Were these dried or canned? Delmaine do a canned black bean in chilli sauce I buy all the time. Delicious in a wrap with avocado, coriander, cucumber, a little lime juice and some preserved jalapenos.

toffeey (32 32 positive feedback) 9:11 am, Sat 25 Jan #12
Toffeey they are lovely in a tortilla soup too. Shame our local PNS does not stock them. I buy up large when at countdown and on special.

ruby19 (23 23 positive feedback) 1:11 pm, Sat 25 Jan #13

bev00, Jan 27, 10:32am
ou can make vegetarian patties etc with them. have a look in the vegetarian thread there should be some recipes in there. I use Sarah Browns book as she has several recipes for black beans, you can get it at most libraries.

cgvl (22 22 positive feedback) 10:21 am, Wed 22 Jan #5
Make Turtle Salad

rainrain1 (7 7 positive feedback) 12:08 pm, Wed 22 Jan #6

traintracks28, Dec 29, 6:04am
I'm looking for food rich in magnesium, what do you like to make ?

motorbo, Dec 29, 8:13am
can I ask why? I doubt you can find a recipe high in it, rather some foods are, don't know if they remain that way cooked

ravenraye, Dec 29, 8:28am
google is your friend - just put "foods rich in in magnesium" - I know there is a wide range.

traintracks28, Dec 30, 2:51am
yes, just thought some may have made things specifically for this, thanks anyway

davidt4, Dec 30, 3:01am
Some magnesium-rich foods are:

Black Beans
Dark Chocolate

Put together a salad of cooked spinach or silverbeet dressed with a mixture of yoghurt and olive oil, sprinkle toasted almonds on top. Add some avocado.

Bake a banana with dark chocolate, serve with fresh figs on the side.

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