Frozen Rice Bubble Slice - sugar?

jan2242, Mar 5, 12:27am
I was wanting to make this for my grandson (I don't eat sugar) and have bought brown instead of white. Would this still work in the recipe?
the recipe is-
250g (10 oz) butter
200g (1 cup) sugar
2 eggs beaten
6 -7 cups rice bubbles (this is a double batch because one went nowhere)

Boil butter and sugar. Allow to cool slightly, add egg and cook together for about 1/2 minute. Mix in rice bubbles. Place in lined lamington tin and refrigerate. When set cut into bars and place in container and then freeze.

harrislucinda, Mar 5, 1:47am
Yes just be a more golden colour some recipes call for brown sugar

deanna14, Jan 17, 11:43pm
The one I always made was honey, butter and rice bubbles. But you don't freeze it, might have been something different.

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