Deep fried mac cheese balls

freesia, Feb 13, 5:46am
We were in Honolulu last week and had our last meal there at the Cheesecake Factory. My son had mac chees which came in balls that appeared to have been crumbed and deepfried. He absolutely loved them. Does anyone have a recipe for these?

245sam, Feb 13, 6:03am
freesia, I'm sure I have seen "deep fried mac cheese balls" either on menus somewhere or in a recipe book or magazine however it's not something I have either tried or made so I can't offer you a personally tried and tested recipe but here's one that you might like to try:-

Hope that helps. :-))

motorbo, Feb 13, 6:21am
simon gault did a similar thing on masterchef but his were shaped as fingers I think, google him and mac cheese you should find something

kay34, Feb 14, 6:14am
DEVINE! We made them not longer after we saw this on tele, sooo good!

jaybee6, Feb 15, 7:50am
I had them as well over there and they were Devine omg mouth watering now lol. I tried to make them but very hard.

jaybee6, Feb 15, 7:52am
I made simon gaults but didn't come out very well.

awoftam, Feb 23, 3:41pm
Holy moley my blood pressure goes up just thinking about them

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