Please, butter recipe

taloofa, May 13, 4:02am
I have a 2lt cream, and interested in making home made butter. Can you help plz, thankyou juanita.

cgvl, May 13, 7:24am
using either a food processor or electric mixer, pour all the cream into a bowl and beat until it passes the whipped cream stage. It should look like its seperating. The liquid pour off (milky white colour), keep it as it is buttermilk. Wash some cold water through the mix, being careful, then continue to beat and wash, then add if you want salt. You will need to taste as you go for amount of salt.
I hope I've explained it ok for you, otherwise look on google for a u tube video of it.

beaker59, May 13, 8:39am
Is it buttermilk? I thought that was something else?

whitehead., May 13, 9:05am
yes its butter milk and the cat can eat it or you can use it in cooking

samsnan, May 13, 9:07am
Well if its buttermilk how come it isn't quite thickish?

harrislucinda, May 13, 9:24am
I make butter all the time after the butter forms the liquid can be use for scones ad salt at the beating stage Wash the butter And shape then can freeze

cgvl, May 13, 10:55am
the buttermilk you buy in supermarkets is cultured like yoghurt. Real buttermilk is thin as its formed by separation during the beating process.
I'm not god at explaining it but tis the liquid that separates from the solids during the butter making process and called butter milk. Its a bit like how you get whey when you make cheese

lythande1, May 13, 7:39pm
Why would it be? The fat solidifies into the butter and the watery stuff left over is because of that process.

buzzy110, May 13, 10:15pm
It is called buttermilk but actually it is the whey separating out from the butterfat. It is not the same as the cultured buttermilk you buy in shops. However, it is perfectly edible. It goes well as a protein in smoothies but because it isn't cultured, it is not suitable to use where buttermilk is a specific ingredient in baking. It can be used instead of milk in a recipe in baking.

taloofa, May 14, 4:19am
Thanks guys, i just whipped up some with my old beater, no flash mixer, then with my hands till it turned into butter stage, kept the whey for scones. So happy with results, i just love cooking from scratch. No more buying butter or marg ever, thankyou again.

moovinup, May 28, 8:58am
Do you need raw milk Taloofa? :)

uli, Nov 3, 11:48pm
Rather than using your warm hands when you "wash the buttermilk out" - use some wooden "butter hands". I bought some years ago in a second hand shop - no-one knew what they were - so they were cheap.

And now look here:
Again no-one knows and you can buy them cheap again:

Be in quick - some other butter makers might figure it out too!

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