Hot cross bun recipe :)

Hi ya!

Does anyone have a good recipe for hot cross buns? Something that i can bung in the bread marker to kneed would be perfect. cos im alill lazy!

I've made them before using the Gordon Ramsay recipe and would like to try another recipe.

Thank you in advance ^__________________^ num num !

munch munch :D


Chef_holly-rocks, Mar 12, 2:02 am

Thank you kindly! :)

Chef_holly-rocks, Mar 12, 5:21 am

I use the Alison Holst recipe that is in the thread valentino posted the link to. Tried a few recipes over the years but I still go back to this one.

Chef_nauru, Mar 12, 5:56 am

Awesome thank you :) ~ my man has been asking for these all week! Have time on Friday so will make them then :) Thank you.

Chef_holly-rocks, Jan 1, 8:49 am