No coffee, fruit, tomatoes, aubergine, nuts

awoftam, Nov 28, 7:37am
avocado, chocolate and juice, among other things. Okay, so I can eat veges, meat, and dairy *slurps on a red wine* and drink booze. This is the diet I am on for 72 hours before I have to pee in a bottle for 24 hours. Interesting. I am missing my nuts I can tell ya.

awoftam, Nov 28, 7:38am
Actually it totals up to 96 hours. How will I cope?

awoftam, Nov 28, 8:38am
Why am I peeing in a bottle? Cos the Doc has told me too.

sampa, Nov 28, 10:58am
You poor thing, 24 hours peeing and missing your nuts too. :(

samanya, Nov 28, 11:13pm
Sorry, I misunderstood.
I had to produce a 24hr sample once & being a water drinker,, it was nearly overflowing by the end of 24hrs!

awoftam, Nov 29, 12:32am
Won't have that trouble, I am terrible at keeping myself hydrated.

Its a bit odd what you can and can't eat. I mean black tea has caffeine in it, but I can have that (not that I drink it) yet can't have coffee, and alcohol isn't on the naughty list either. Wonder why. I asked the lab lady and she had no idea. I also got a list that said 'this list is not complete' lol so gawd knows what I am eating that I shouldn't.

cleggyboy, Nov 29, 12:53am
Have a massive feed of asparagus that'll fix them.

samsnan, May 27, 9:02am
And be sure to have a good feed of beetroot with the asparagus. That will confuse them.

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