Using a thermos flask to keep tea hot.?

karrie3, Jan 17, 9:57pm
My mother was confined to upstairs for a while and kept a thermos of boiling water by the bed to make tea, used a teabag and separate milk. It used to keep at nearly boiling temp until well into the afternoon
I wouldn't put the teabag in the thermos, it gets a horrible stewed taste in no time

tippsey, Jan 18, 1:04am
We only take hot water on picnics etc as Hubby likes tea and I like coffee. Hence I take either coffee sachets or little jar of instant coffee & tea bags. Neither of us have milk so not a problem, but when providing for others I always take milk in a separate container. I was told years ago that by putting milk into the thermos it makes the thermos smell. Apart from that. it is very hard to clean milk residue out of a thermos.

lythande1, Jan 18, 2:37am
Milk separate otherwise it tastes weird after a while.

elsielaurie1, Jan 17, 2:32am
Do you add the milk to the tea in the flask or have the milk in another container? I believe a tea strainer or tea bags should be used to prevent tea leaves from getting into the tea, as I believe they can tend to make the tea bitter.

socram, Jan 17, 3:17am
Personally, I am a 'milk in after' regardless of whether it is tea from a thermos or a teapot, but if it isn't scalding hot, it isn't worth drinking anyway! Leaving tea or tea bags in too long, even if you like a strong cuppa, makes the tea taste 'stewed'.

rubyjane11, Jan 17, 3:30am
definitely milk after. and agree re the tea

gardner12, May 9, 8:43am
Hubby always took thermos to work and another for the milk then just made a cup as required, with tea bags

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