Best ever fried chicken recipes wanted here!

awoftam, Aug 5, 7:37am
Years (like around 40 lol) ago a friend of my mother's coated chicken in flour and spices and fried it. She then served it (get this) with a sauce made from a packet of asparagus soup. While the adult and more food aware me cringes in horror I remember as a 10 year old I was in absolute heaven - it was amazing! I have had a hankering for fried chicken for a while now and been researching some recipes. Wondering if any of you have a tried and true family fav you feel like sharing?

awoftam, Aug 5, 7:47am
After all my ferreting about online I am going to try this one:

wasgonna, Aug 5, 7:59am
I agree with your name. Most things I've bought on TM have been.

awoftam, Aug 5, 8:20am
As are most things you have sold I am picking.

sunnyflower, Aug 10, 12:12am
this is what I do its the closest to traditional southern fried chicken, you mix some garlic powder with pepper and dredge the chicken peices in it then mix some egg and water and dip chicken in then dip into self raising flour with pepper and garlic powder in the flour then fry in hot fat or oil till cooked its delicious.

awoftam, Aug 10, 12:34am
Ohhh sunnyflower I will try that. Have a huge tub of ghee that wants to be used; this will be the perfect thing! Thank you.

awoftam, Nov 5, 5:34am
Sunnyflower - I have this bubbling away in a pan at the moment - delicious

samanya, Jul 17, 11:07am
I use something similar to this KFC copycat recipe & cook it in my air fryer with a light spray of oil. I don't bother with the brining part for just chicken pieces. I vary it to taste & use smoked paprika.
oops. edit to add link, d'uh!

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