Help-Have made a carrot cake but no cream cheese

luckyduck, Apr 27, 11:23pm
I have found that the cream cheese I have has gone funny despite the expiry date not yet passed. I have made a carrot cake and need a suitable icing. I have only ever made the cream cheese frosting- its the best part of eating carrot cake! ! Does anyone have any alternatives I could use. TIA.

sherralynne, Apr 27, 11:31pm
A lemon icing is nice on carrot cake too

fifie, Apr 27, 11:31pm
Butter cream or lemon icing is a good alternative. .

luckyduck, Apr 27, 11:32pm
Thanks, I thought a lemon butter icing might work but just not with the same tang. I will give it a go.

alewis, Apr 27, 11:45pm
my friend used to make the most amazing cake and she put on the mix thats in the supermarkets it had everything, pumpkin seeds, dried apricots chocolate coated peanuts this went on the lemon butter icing she used to do - my advice is butter icing you could also put a dash or orange intead of lemon if you wished

valentino, Apr 28, 12:09am
Also a nice glaze goes well with an option of adding lime or lemon zest and-or juice with a very light dusting of sifted icing sugar.

The glaze that goes well is about 1/2 cup of apricot jam plus about 2 tbsp of water heated to blend (one could add a little bit of castor sugar if wanting sweeter) then cool a little (add above) and brush onto cake covering all sides and top.

luckyduck, Apr 28, 12:54am
Thanks valentino, I will try the above suggestion next time. I had already made the butter icing when I read your posting. It looks far nicer than the average looking icing I have just turned out.

luckyduck, Mar 14, 9:07am
The cake was consumed in record time at work so I guess the plain old butter icing was acceptable. I still maintain that the cream cheese icing is the best - with or without the cake! !

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