Biscuits using less sugar than recipe states

denzie, Feb 16, 12:58am
I love home made biscuits eg. The vanilla ones in Edmond cook book but I would like to cut back on the sugar as I find them just too sweet. Question one: If I cut back the sugar from say the 175gmsto perhaps 150gms or even less what affect will this have on the biscuits and will I end up with a decent biscuit! Secondly can anyone suggest a good biscuit recipe that is light onsugar!I have most of the current popular cook books

lodgelocum, Feb 16, 1:41am
Don't think 25grams would make too much of a difference but more would make them less crisp or crunchy I would suggest.My grandies are very fond of jam biscuits which from memory have about 1/4 cup icing sugar.

lilyfield, Feb 16, 2:26am
I always cut down the sugar in all my baking by 25 % at least. more in cakes. No ill affects

cgvl, Feb 16, 2:38am
the Edmonds vanilla biscuits I use as a basic biscuit recipe and I have cut the sugar right back to 125g.
i will leave out the sultana's and add choc chips instead, or as I did today choc chips and pistachio's. Sometimes I leave out the fruit and add mixed spices.
But basically cut back sugar to same as butter/marge. Makes slightly fewer biscuits and is less sweet,

nauru, Feb 16, 6:34am
I cut the sugar by 50% in most recipes especially biscuits and have had no failures yet.

denzie, Feb 17, 4:36am
Thankyou all for the info re cutting back the sugar in biscuits. I will give it a go tomorrow. Like the idea of the pistachios and chocolate chips too so thanks for that idea.

harrislucinda, Feb 17, 9:36am
i never put theamountofsugarstatedBakingstill comesout thesame

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