Chocolate Ganache

angel404, Mar 1, 8:09pm
I dont have any cream. Just wondering if full fat milk straight from the vat would work!

familychch, Mar 1, 8:13pm
Could you let the milk sit, so as the cream could be skimed off the top!

angel404, Mar 1, 8:15pm
Yeah i could but i doubt i would get enough cream off 2L though!

familychch, Mar 1, 8:19pm
depending on how much you need to make, it could be enough. I use 100mls cream to 150gms Choc. I guess it depends on what kinds of cows milk it is. Jerseys would prop give you enough cream off 2Ltr milk ;)

flower-child01, Mar 3, 9:21pm
You can use butter, just a smaller amount than cream.

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