Steamed Thimble Pudding

vonkrum, Feb 5, 7:21am
Did anyone get the recipe for the Steamed Thimble Pudding that was on River Cottage tonight on Prime.Looked interesting.

sooseque, Feb 5, 7:26am

gardie, Feb 5, 7:37pm
That sound delish.Have bookmarked.I've got some shreddo in the freezer to use up.

vonkrum, Feb 5, 8:45pm
thanks sooseque.I tried last night searching steamed thimble pudding and river cottage and came up with nothing.Looked yummy. How do you bookmark a page!

dezzie, Feb 5, 8:50pm
bookmark is the same as adding to favourites

rainrain1, Feb 5, 8:57pm
Sounds tinsy insy wincy

vonkrum, Feb 5, 10:12pm
Is Shreddo like copha.

petal1955, Feb 6, 2:05am
Shreddo is suet.Copha is like kremelta

zappi, Feb 6, 4:05am
Do you get Shreddo at the supermarket!

gardie, Feb 6, 5:23am
Control D will bookmark any page.

gardie, Feb 6, 5:25am
Yes - in our supermarket its on the shelf (in a container like kremelta) alongside the cooking sprays.
ETA there was a thread a while back saying it was no longer being produced however I did get some just prior to Christmas.

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