Raleigh cookbook pineapple whirls recipe

les6, Feb 5, 10:06am
would anyone have this recipe and the time to post it please!We are overseas and wanted to make it for my daughter,thanks.should be able to wing it but was unsure about the syrup bit!

janes12, Feb 6, 4:42am
Do you mean the Rally Cookbook No.1.! Yellow cover!
Pastry- 250g flour,125g butter,1tsp. B.P.,Water to mix.
Roll out onto floured board into oblong shape.
450g tin crushed pineapple, drain.,1/2 c. sugar,60g butter, 1 1/4 c. pineapple juice & water.
Spread pineapple over pastry. Roll up like sponge roll. Cut into 2 1/2cm slices. Boil sugar, butter, juice & water & pour over rolls in dish. Bake 30 mins. in mod. oven. Serve with ice cream.

danjoboys, Feb 6, 6:44am
Brings back memories - yum!

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