Help! Boiled plum jam too long.

2bakerz, Jan 23, 11:02pm
Got called away and jam cooked about 10 mins too long (I thought as much by the colour)Put it into the jars anyway and it is really too stiff!Could re-heating it and maybe diluting with a bit of red wine or port save it!

2bakerz, Jan 23, 11:22pm
Thank goodness - too nice to throw out!Any ideas what ratio wine to jam, lilyfield!

lilyfield, Jan 24, 12:08am
No, but a tblespoon per jar should be ok

lilyfield, Jan 24, 12:10am
And no need to cook further, just add until it looks and feels right. Stir well.
If in doubt- freeze jars.

2bakerz, Jan 24, 2:18am
Well, all done and only used about one wineglass of my one and only Merlot.Put new labels on jars Plum & Merlot Jam!So from a nearly disaster comes a lovely tasting jam, albeit a little darker than usual!

nunesy, Jan 24, 6:08pm
I made rhubarb and strawberry jam at Christmas and did the same thing. didn't think reheating it would work as I thought it would make it go thicker still.Will adding wine work after so long!And 2bakers did you have to clean and reheat all the jars etc!

lilyfield, Jan 24, 7:28pm
Nunesy. Just leave it as is for now, and when you want to use a jar stir a little boiled water in it,

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