Light Fluffy Banana Cake?

allurs, Jan 2, 5:58am
I have been requested to make a banana cake but was told they like it light and fluffy.Im a bit worried about how i am going to get this any suggestions please.

uli, Jan 2, 6:18am

allurs, Jan 2, 6:47am
Wow didnt think it was going to be so easy many thanks

jessie981, Jan 2, 7:19am
uli, have you baked any of these! Looks like one without oil or honey for me to try.

uli, Jan 2, 8:07am
No - I do not bake anything nowadays .
But I can still remember .

sarahb5, Jan 5, 10:46pm
Made this one on Friday - it's not particularly light and fluffy (I've never had a banana cake yet that was) but it is the best I've ever made and delicious -!id=255

jessie981, Jan 6, 1:24am
Will try this one sarahb5, think I'll halve for a first try.

sarahb5, Jan 6, 3:44am
Yeah it's a pretty big cake - I barely had a box big enough for it but I have teenage boys (and their friends) at home so it will probably only last until Tuesday!

jessie981, Jan 6, 3:50am
Popped it over in general, someone was asking for a recipe. hope you didn't mind.

sarahb5, Jan 6, 4:09am
Yeah I saw that - and no I don't mind at all

gardie, Jan 6, 4:49am
For a light fluffy banana cake, make the edmonds recipe but bake it in a lamington tray, cut in half then pop sliced banana and whipped cream on one halfand put the other half on top.(Bake for around 20 mins but check after 15)

jessie981, Jan 6, 6:59am
Have an Aunt Daisy recipe that is baked in a sponge roll tin & yes it is more sponge like.

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