Apricot jam and sugar

wildflower, Jan 2, 2:45am
I've made some and just used so many apricots it was thick enough anyway with bugger all sugar.

nauru, Jan 2, 2:46am
I have cut sugar in my jams to 50% with good results.I give some to family and friends and the rest for future use, I keep in the fridge or freeze. Because of the reduced sugar, I'm not sure what the shelf life would be.Jam freezes quite well, it doesn't freeze solid.

sooseque, Dec 30, 10:34pm
I am making a batch of Apricot jam, 6lbs, would like to cut down the sugar, how much can I cut back without it affecting the setting quality, should be 6lb sugar, thanks for any replies.

sunflowers28, Dec 31, 12:15am
Had a look ata couple of recipe books. You can try 3/4cup of sugar to 1c Apricot pulp.(Aunt Daisy Cookbook)
Not sure asI have not used it,ifyouuse lesssugar using 'Jam Sugar'.

cgvl, Dec 31, 12:27am
I wouldn't take it back further than 5lb sugar to 6lb fruit

kalevala, Dec 31, 12:28am
a few recipes here.

still looking for a sugar-free apricot jam as they are so sweet already (using lemon juice and pectin for setting)

sooseque, Dec 31, 1:21am
Many thanks for your answers, just getting into a jam session now.

gayle6, Dec 31, 1:24am
I have just made two batches of microwave apricot jam using fruit off our tree, and both taste delicious. Recipe was 1 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp water, 4 cups apricots and 3 1/2 cups jam sugar. The second batch had less sugar because I used the rest of the 1 kg bag, probably 3 cups.Of course the disadvantage is only being able to make a small batch at a time but that suited me fine.

susieq9, Dec 31, 2:32am
This may help. I made some strawbery jam. 1kg strawberries and 500gm of sugar and it set well. Cooked the strawberries until really soft and then added the sugar.I have also done apricot jam with only half the quantity of sugar, and this also came out OK.

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