Baking papersticking to Xmas cake

beerlady, Dec 5, 5:21am
Why does the baking paper stick to my Xmas cake. happened twice now and really frustrated. what am I doing wrong please!

ange164, Dec 5, 5:46am
using quality baking paper! My mother always used the butter paper, as it's thicker and hardier. Greased side in.

beerlady, Dec 5, 5:50am
Thanks will try that.

cookiebarrel, Dec 5, 5:51am
beerlady, not sure what you are doing wrong as I don't use baking paper, have always used 2 thicknesses of greaseproof paper as I find it leaves cleaner sides and bottoms to my cakes.Even use this with choc, banana, carrot or whatever cake I am making, especially as most I make are to be decorated.Know the lovely ladies on here will be able to tell you why you are having problems though.

beerlady, Dec 5, 5:52am
Can you suggest any method to ease the paper from the cake please!

cookiebarrel, Dec 5, 5:56am
Carefully using a sharp, flat bladed knife, if I have explained it right.Just ease the knife carefully down between paper and cake.Sort of like taking the skin off a fish or something.

beerlady, Dec 5, 6:24am
Thanks everyone. will use grease proof next time.

maximus44, Dec 5, 6:44am
I have used baking paper recently for three christmas cakes and it has been fine. Not sure why you are having problems. Hope you can sort it out.

wendalls, Dec 5, 9:50am
Are you sure its not sandwich wrapping paper from countdown. I accidentally bought some when i couldnt find the right stuff online. Had a disaster with it sticking to my ham and mayo scrolls.had to pick it all offf. Then i tried to use it to pipe out chocolate eclairs. Haha even worse it collapsed in soggy mess and i lost half the mix.have bought better stuff now.

mcdaff, Dec 6, 1:41am
Use a cloth dipped in very hot water wrung out and laid on stuck paper for a minute or so.

lilyfield, Dec 6, 3:44am
Yes, dampen the paper, and let cake dry out after if it got too wet with this method.

cookiebarrel, Dec 6, 6:31am
mcdaff and lilyfield, thank you for your advise to OP.Now I can put that into my recipe book and will know in future what to do myself if it ever happens.

supanan4, Dec 7, 9:17am
Have you got mixed up with lunch paper instead of Baking paper, as I always use Baking paper and sometimes use it overand over again. Never a problem.

kiwibubbles, Dec 7, 8:51pm
yeah that's what i was wonderig. i've used all types of different brands of baking paper and never had a problem, But wax paper on the other hand. awful! lol

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