I am after a recipie called 1 bowel slice i think?

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monique70, Apr 21, 1:56am
I had it over the weekend and it was quite possibley the best thing i have ever eaten. I know it had condensed milk, cococut, nuts chocolate and biscuit i think? Does anyone know what this is?

maxwell.inc, Apr 21, 1:59am
1 Bowel? slice *shifty look* Best thing you've ever eaten *triple shifty look*

245sam, Apr 21, 3:04am
monique70, your list of ingredients for this 1 Bowl slice makes me think that the slice may be otherwise known as Nestle's Magic Slice - here's a link (with pictures) to the recipe:-

http://myhouseholdcapers. blogspot.com/2009/01/recipe-nestl-m

Hope that helps. :-))

pixiegirl, Apr 21, 3:08am
oh maxwell that may have to go in the best ever recipe section if we can find a recipe for it (sorry monique70 - you better re-read your heading)

monique70, Apr 21, 3:10am

pixiegirl, Apr 21, 3:15am
best laugh I have had for a while - conguring up all sorts of ingredients for this one. I have a funny sense of humour and had this friend who was in hospital having treatment for bowel cancer (that was not funny naturally) however when we went to visit him he said they had removed 2 feet from his bowel - I was so lucky he was a friend with a warped sense of humour - as I asked him how the 2 feet got in there in the first place! ! He looked at me stranglely at first than realised and just cracked up laughing - laughter really is the best medicine. Sorry had to share that with you.

hezwez, Apr 21, 3:17am
That would have been a kick up the a**e pixiegirl...

pixiegirl, Apr 21, 3:29am
That was my line of thought but could also picture someone missing 2 feet as well - or maybe 2 different "donors" lol

elliehen, Apr 21, 4:38am
Let she who is without [spelling] sin cast the first stone...

maxwell.inc, Apr 21, 4:40am
Byte me. . slowly... so I enjoy it

elliehen, Apr 21, 4:43am
While on the bowls/bowels subject, the Matron used to ask small boys in boarding schools if their bowels had moved, and the first time they got the question, most thought they were being asked if their 'bows' had moved and wondered what she was on about...

elliehen, Apr 21, 4:50am
OK, here's a little cyber-nip... it's really just the your/you're confusion that needs a tidy up and I wouldn't normally comment, but you did ask ;)

maxwell.inc, Apr 21, 4:56am
Oh honey if only I cared LOL

*bares bum cheek waiting for that byte*

elliehen, Apr 21, 5:06am
Don't care? ? Then don't ask... if you didn't really want to know ;)

herika, Apr 21, 8:03pm
Please enlighten me - the word used was "you've" and that seems correct to me... ...

rubyjane11, Apr 21, 9:01pm
priceless! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

buzzy110, Apr 22, 1:16am
I see that Margot Leadbeater, aka ellihen strikes again.

elliehen, Apr 22, 2:44am
buzzy110, a hi-jacked thread deserves to sink like a stone, but it seems you can't help yourself... .

I took poster #2, maxwell. inc, to task for jumping on the spelling of the thread-starter (tired old TradeMe joke and all... lots of traders are selling 'bowels')... by gently reminding her that her own spelling across all her own posts is far from perfect. I think spelling errors need to be left alone - it's a silly diversion.

245sam, poster #3 then gave a mature reply - the requested recipe, answering the question with the correct spelling but without drawing attention to it.

The hi-jacking poster #2, maxwell. inc, just wanted a laugh at the questioner's expense. If she'd been bent on educating, however misguidedly, she'd have also pointed out 'recipie' which is misspelled a zillion times all over the boards.

I have no idea who the Margot person you mention is, but I suspect the reference is intended as an insult. If I wanted to insult/offend/attack you, I could rip your grammar, syntax and spelling to shreds in your rambling posts... but I wouldn't stoop as low as that.

elliehen, Apr 22, 2:54am

maxwell.inc, Apr 22, 2:58am
I had a laugh at bowel... you were the only one "taken back" by it... in fact #1 was more than welcome to come back and have a giggle your self. . but u saw to it that, that wouldn't happen.

My spelling mistakes have nothing to do with this. . and if you are stalkerish enough (which you clearly are) then you would have come across posts where I explain them... cuz sweet cakes YOU sure as HELL are coming off like a stalker. .

Maybe its just the raw sexiness that is Moi! I know, I just can't help that I am sooo appealing to you ;o) Go ahead babe you don't bother me lol - Having a stalker on TM is like a badge of honor. . 'specually when its you ellie ;o)

pixiegirl, Apr 22, 4:02am
must be the raw sexiness ah max. :-))

elliehen, Apr 22, 6:14am
Well, what you lack in spelling expertise, you certainly make up for in self-adulation. You seem to be busy stalking yourself... which begs the question. I think your stalker is buzzy110 ;)

elliehen, Apr 22, 6:15am
Hopefully back on track again... . :))))

buzzy110, Apr 22, 10:52pm
Margo Leadbeater, Margot Leadbeater.

For your information Margot, Margot Leadbeater was a fictional character who so totally lacked a sense of humour that everyone around her was reduced to tears of laughter as she tried desperately to understand the jesting and jokes of her dear friends. Her reaction to gentle ribbing and jesting, from and too anyone, was to get all pursed lipped and serious.

Remind you of anyone lhen?

maxwell.inc, Apr 22, 10:57pm
buzzy stop stalking me ;o)... u know thats ellies job *flutters eye lashes*