Asparagus sandwich recipe

wags7, Nov 9, 7:28pm
does anyone have a easy recipe for asparagussandwiches,all the ones i googled have blue cheese bacon and lots of ingredients,just want something simple,but not just asparagus in bread.thankyou

fifie, Nov 9, 9:32pm
Asparagus, mayo, gr bl pepper, Or asparagus, cream cheese with dash of horseradish sauce.

kiwiscrapper1, Nov 9, 10:07pm
Mashed egg/mayonaise/grainy mustard. spread over the bread top with asparagus spears and roll. yummy.

carlosjackal, Nov 9, 10:25pm
One of my favourite: Ham, cream cheese and asparagus - though I prefer the flavour of the tinned asparagus for this.

wags7, Nov 9, 10:47pm
some good ideas thankyou

samboy, Nov 10, 1:03am
Best Foods Mayo is the nicest with them, with just the asparagus and black pepper.

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