Homemade flavoured coffee mixes?

supercook, Dec 12, 1:41am
Can not find the thread which had recipes to make flavoured coffee mixes like Jarrah? Anyone help !

fifie, Dec 12, 2:34am
Use the new search function on leftrecipes, Jarrah coffee mix in keyword box, date posted anytime then search the budget thread will come up its in there post 1157 :(

rema, Apr 20, 1:45am
Hi - can you please tell me what page the Jarrah Coffee mix is on, as the posts are no longer numbered Many thanks

pixiegirl, Apr 20, 2:43am
page 24 - the numbers are still there but not where they used to be. They are on the bottom line of each post in feint coloured writing. See how they are in this thread.

rema, Feb 18, 5:06pm
Many thanks to you all - gave the recipe to my sister, and then I wanted it - couldn't find

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