Fudge...made some fudge about an hour ago and

clgodkin, Apr 19, 9:37am
I poured it into a dish that I have now decided was too large for the volume of syrup and it's just far too thin. Can I re melt and pour it into a smaller dish without ruining it?

duckmoon, Apr 19, 9:48am
I don't think so...

If it was too soft, I would say that you could re-boil - get the temp right and try for it to set again... But not if it has set.

duckmoon, Apr 19, 9:51am
This is my thinking:
If you stuff it up, you will need to make another batch ...

so, put this one in the cupboard or freezer - and eat two pieces at a time...

And start over with a fresh batch...

And let me know when I should come over for a tasting ;-)

clgodkin, Apr 19, 10:03am
lol... bit of a trek for fudge that's too thin... might be better off making your own. Have bitten the bullet and put on another batch to boil and am just going to pour it over the top. The other hasn't set enough yet anyway. Hopefully it'll still turn out ok.

valentino, Apr 19, 8:49pm
Another thought (cheat's method), is reheat fudge, add a little bit of Nestles Milk Choc Melts, heat all until choc has just melted, stir to smooth all through then re-pour.

There are a few hints re fudge making in the thread "cooking class 101" also that may be worth looking into for further thoughts and "Confectionary Thread" (with this spelling.


duckmoon, Apr 19, 11:24pm
Did it work to put it over the top? ?
I know when I make coconut ice, if I am not fast enough, the two layers don't "stick" - and I have to bits, not joined together.

demo9, Apr 22, 9:10am
i make my fudge in the microwave it takes 2 minutes and a whisk and turns out everytime! ! yummy i must make some fudge lol

wasala, Apr 22, 9:16am
Even if it's semi-set you can still re-boil it - providing you can scrape out most of it! I've just finished making this Russian Fudge and it's looking gooooood! ! ! ! ! ! http://www.nzwomansweekly.co.nz/food/recipes/russian-fudge/s

wasala, Apr 22, 9:23am
Can you share the recipe please? The 20 minutes boiling gets a bit tiresome sometimes!

kcak, Apr 22, 9:35am
I make the Edmonds recipe for chocolate fudge but boil it for twice as long. I then put the pot in a sink of cold water and beat it with a wooden spoon. If I am lucky, I get it into a dish before it sets - it's a split-second decision as to when to stop beating. Any fudge that doesn't set, I have found, is because I have rushed it and not boiled/beaten it for long enough - just reboil for a few minutes.

elliehen, Apr 22, 10:15am
A really good hint from valentino - you can also stir 100 gms of white chocolate (Whittaker's) through Russian fudge before pouring out for a sure set.

raebea, Apr 22, 10:22am
demo9, please share your fudge recipe, I would love to try that one,

goodbooks, Apr 22, 10:34am
Yes please - I'd love it too Demo9 - thanks.

music_note, Apr 24, 10:13am
Me too - bumping for Demo

juliewn, Apr 25, 12:19pm
I'd like the recipe too. . hopefully Demo will see the thread. .

ribit, Jan 9, 10:56pm
Microwave Coconut Ice
4 cups icing sugar
100 grams butter
1/4 cup milk
Microwave for 4 minutes, beat until smooth and add 1 1/2 cups coconutand a drop of vanilla. Pour 1/2 of mixture into tray, colour the other half and pour on top. Soooo easy and nice texture.
My kids loved to make this and I would double up the mixture