No cream or evaporated milk?

unknowndisorder, Oct 16, 4:17am
Making a quiche/pie and just realised I didn't buy cream or evaporated milk. Intending on using just blue top milk, do Ai need to add a bit of flour or cornflour to thicken! eggs are the setting agent, so thinking it should be all good with just a few minutes longer but thought Ai should check :)

geldof, Oct 16, 4:23am
Milk will be fine, maybe use slightly less.

red2, Oct 16, 4:25am
do you have reduced cream !

uli, Oct 16, 4:28am
yoghurt will work too or sour cream.

kay141, Oct 16, 4:30am
I'd use the milk but less than the amount of cream you normally use and add an extra egg or two.

unknowndisorder, Oct 16, 4:36am
Thank you, no yoghurt or reduced cream, so will use 6 eggs and less milk :)

angel404, Oct 16, 5:28am
I always use milk when making quiche!

unknowndisorder, Oct 16, 8:22am
so do I which is why I'd bought milk and not read the recipe properly. ah well, teach me to try and be good and actually follow recipes for a change, I obviously can mentally not do it properly, but that always makes it more fun.

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