Help bacon hock made kumara soup

m41, Oct 18, 4:53am
too salty can it be saved !

245sam, Oct 18, 4:55am
m41, admittedly I have never had the 'over-salty' problem but I understand that adding a whole raw potato (or potatoes) to the soup and allowing the potato(es) to cook, then removing the whole potato(es) will/should help -potato absorbs the excess salt.

Hope that helps.:-))

m41, Oct 18, 4:58am
well i think adding the veg stock didn`t help with the hock too :)

245sam, Oct 18, 5:02am
m41, did you use store-bought or home-made stock, or was it stock powder!Uness it was unsalted stock then that IMO is exactly what has made your soup "too salty".:-))

m41, Oct 18, 5:11am
powder trying the potato now hope it works or we`re eating toast and butter :(

mwood, Oct 18, 5:31am
squeeze a lemon into the soup

karenz, Oct 18, 6:46am
I wish someone would sell a stock powder that wasn't horrendously salty.

meathead_timaru, Oct 19, 12:01am
Salt is a cheap filler.

karenz, Oct 19, 12:13am
Yes I know but too much of it ruins the taste of everything it is added to, I would rather spend extra to have an edible product.

davidt4, Oct 19, 12:21am
It is easy to make your own stock, then you can control the amount of salt.

karenz, Oct 19, 12:24am
That is true but I don't always have the time or ingredients to do it, plus limited space in my freezer, sometimes I just feel like making soup and would love to have a good instant stock powder I could add a little of that didn't ruin the taste or leave a horrible metallic dry taste in my mouth afterwards.

lotsagiggles, Oct 20, 11:51am
if too salty an old try is either add a potato (remove it when finished cooking or add brown sugar

lythande1, Oct 20, 11:41pm
Seems like some old wive's cook's tales just won't die. Like the one about adding a potato to overly salted soup to remove salt and make it palatable.

I mean on the surface, it seems like it should work: the potato sucks up a little water and dissolved salt.why wouldn't it selectively suck all the dissolved salt out of the liquid. (Oh wait, see that's absurd on the face of it.)

kiwibubbles, Oct 21, 2:30am
dilute the soup! pour half into another pot and add more water!

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