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spuddybuddy, Sep 16, 10:31pm
Does anyone have some easy recipes my 15yr old boy can cook on his own (unsupervised),hasn't done a lot of cooking by himself but I need him to cook a meal one night a week.He's learning shepherds pie this week to add to his list of can does, which have mainly consisted of what can be done with chips,ie fish pieces, hamburgers etc. My fault I haven't made him step up till now, I've always just used the crockpot and got him to do the potaoes, veges or rice.But it's about time he learns to cook from scratch.

sarahb5, Sep 16, 10:43pm
Teach him to cook what he likes to eat - my 14 year old does home ec at school and the recipes he's enjoyed most have been "boy" food, so yes, burgers but also nachos, sausages and beans on toast, ice cream, apple crumble, chocolate cake, etc.Take a look at the Edmonds Junior Cook Book as it will give you some ideas to start with but pretty much if they can read they should be able to cook any simple recipe.

245sam, Sep 16, 10:57pm
spuddybuddy, I don't have a son but the following recipe is one with ingredients that I would think should appeal to a young man who no doubt wants quick and easy when he is expected to do his share of the cooking.Over the years our then household of 3 (myself, DH and DD) have enjoyed this many times.

450g sausagemeat
2 large onions, sliced
1 x 440g can baked beans - see note below
6-8 cooked, mashed potatoes - see note below
grated cheese - edam or cheese of choice

Place the ingredients in an ovenproof dish in the following order:- sausagemeat, 1 onion, baked beans, the remaining onion, potatoes, cheese.
Bake at200°Cfor1 hour.
Re Baked Beans - when/if available we have enjoyed trying this dish when made with the different flavoured baked beans for a change from the basic tomato variety.
Re Potatoes - number required depends, of course, on size of the potatoes + the number of persons to be served.:-))

kinna54, Sep 16, 11:14pm
Great that you are teaching and encouraging your son, well done.
Some stir fries could be good: that is if you can get a 15yr old to eat veges.or some wraps.spag bol, meatballs and sauce.
First started my sons cooking on eggs, pasta dishes (you can't go too wrong with mac cheese) and they can both cook as well (or I have to admit in a lot of cases BETTER than me). One son makes world class Eggs Benedict, the other is great on bread and believe it or not a cupcake whizz. They can turn their hands to most dishes: I have 2 lucky Daughters in law.

valentino, Sep 17, 12:38am
He should love doing some Pasta Dishes like Lasanga or Spaghetti Bolognaise, even thos simple fresh pasta and then add a couple of simple things like a nice white pasta sauce with a tin of Salmon into the pasta or a nice dressing with the odd fresh herb.

Kinna54 on her post noted some of the above and just emphasising this.
From there it will be easier to step upwards.

Also with the BBQ season coming on should be a great time or opportunity to be involved in doing some BBQ'ing.


valentino, Sep 17, 12:57am
Oh, just a wee thought, if I was youngish again, with the technology now-a-days, and thinking what your thoughts are, I would suggest to go to a library withpad and pen in hand, look at recipe books mainly with step by step pics and note recipes that look more apt then possibly go online or here and look for those recipes or copy some easy ones whilst at the library, even perhaps borrowing the odd book or 4.

Be interesting what that person will come up with and go with.

whitehead., Sep 17, 1:14am
i let my kids cook foods they liked and at times it was hard to eat but a few years down the track and they are both very good cooks . the main thing seems to be that they get to like cooking

indy95, Sep 17, 1:17am
I agree wholeheartedly with the comment posted by sarahb5 - teach him to cook what he likes to eat. Well done, it's good to see someone else encouraging children to cook. I thought this recipe might be useful, but can't remember who posted it.The ingredients and quantities can easily be altered to suit.

Sausage Meatball Pappardelle

400g pork and herb or other good quality sausages
2 T oil
1 large red onion thinly sliced or chopped
Fresh thyme sprigs
350g dried pappardelle pasta
25 ml balsamic vinegar
Fresh basil
Salt and pepper

Cook onions gently in oil about 10 mins until softened. Slit sausages, discard skin and roll sausagemeat into small balls. Add meatballs and thyme sprigs to onions and cook until meatballs are brown and cooked through. Add water or chicken stock if drying out too much.
Meanwhile cook pasta then drain, adding 75 ml of cooking liquid to meatballs with vinegar. Bring to simmer, remove thyme, add pasta, season well and reheat. Garnish with fresh thyme leaves and chopped basil.

sarahb5, Sep 17, 1:29am
I tried to teach mine to cook my tagliatelli carbonara but apparently I make it so much better than they can!Mine love to make pizza and are great at making after school snacks such as pikelets or brownies, and often do their own baking for their lunch boxes.They used to bake all the time for school but have got a bit slack lately.

elliehen, Sep 17, 1:34am
That's a great suggestion.I had no luck teaching one of mine until he discovered Thai food and was immediately hooked on cooking. He took up baking after that and is the go-to person for his mates who want a special birthday cake.

indy95, Sep 17, 1:55am
" Mum, you can make/do it so much better " is a well-worn excuse which has been around for a very long time. This can be adapted to suit any task which your lovely offspring really, really doesn't want to do, as I'm sure you know.

sarahb5, Sep 17, 1:58am
Oh I do - as far as cooking goes though I don't mind as I actually enjoy cooking.They have a list of jobs they can do to earn money and cooking dinner is one of them - so far this week I owe myself $15!

indy95, Sep 17, 2:08am
Well, be sure to buy yourself something nice with it.

sarahb5, Sep 17, 2:14am
LOL - takeaway for dinner!

spuddybuddy, Sep 17, 5:14am
Thanks for the great ideas,We have the edmonds junior cookbook,must go and hunt it out.And I will certainly copy those recipes,sausages always go down a treat here.

tjman, Sep 17, 5:18am
Spag bol just using a jar of sauce instead of making his own.

sarahb5, Sep 17, 5:30am
Why!It's not that difficult to make from scratch .

spuddybuddy, Sep 17, 5:47am
Thanks for the tips,but we are trying to move away from just opening a jar or bottle of something and cooking from scratch

rebecca18, Sep 18, 4:35am
If your library is anything like mine, they have hundreds of cookbooks, why don't you seek out cookbooks aimed at teenagers, get your son to look through them and decide what he would like to make.

guest, Jan 11, 12:09pm
I dind't know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

guest, Jan 13, 2:18pm
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