olde bacon bone soup recipe anyone???

laidybug, Apr 18, 6:45am
mine always tastes bland . what am doing wrong.

wasgonna, Apr 18, 7:09am
I just chop up a large onion, heaps of sliced carrot, salt and pepper, and just boil away slowly for an hour or two. Chuck in a couple of handfuls of yellow split peas if you want pea and ham soup but cook until peas have turned to pulp.

52many, Apr 18, 7:22am
What stock do you use for your base? I use either chicken or vegie from Maggi. Chop up an onion, split peas, a bit of garlic, a bay leaf, and maybe a carrot. I don't add too much salt as I find the stock does that but I do add pepper to taste. When the bones are cooked I take them out and chop off the meat and put it backto serve. .

micky_1, Apr 18, 7:42am
I use bacon hocks rather than bacon bones... . not usually as salty and more meaty

uli, Apr 18, 7:49am
Depends what you put into the pot - apart form the bacon bone I guess ...

Any more info?

laidybug, Apr 18, 8:45am
tonight i'm trying boiling bacon, with king soup and a bay leaf and vegs and garlic, crock pot till the morning. . hopefully it's yummy.

margyr, Apr 18, 8:33pm
heaps of vege, and make sure you use celery and swede.

purplegoanna, Apr 18, 8:52pm
i use either bacon bones or hocks, i pack as many veges into the pot as i can, as my vege i use, grated carrots, pumpkin, potato, finely diced courgettes, broccoli, mushrooms, red pepper, garlic, also i add a chopped up pkt of hoisen noodles, 1/2tsp curry powder and 1tsp of chicken stock + salt/pepper... . and i cook mine in the crock pot for at least 8-10 hours... .

krazy_kat, Apr 19, 12:30am
I always use the kings soup mix, add a finely diced onion, grated carrot, silverbeet, celery, bacon bones, bacon bones and mashed pumpkin (the mashed pumpkin helps to thicken) and chuck the whole lot in the crockpot. I never add salt until the end, and vary rarely do because the bacon is salty.

dorothy_vdh, Apr 19, 12:41am
I boil up a bacon hock the day before making soup. I then scoop any flat that may have come to the surface before adding diced celery and sliced leeks. I then grate carrot, pumpkin, swede, potato, ku-
mara. Sometimes I also add a ptk of kings old fashion soup mix.
its always delicious.
For a change I sometimes boil a chicken and add the above vegies

fisher, Feb 14, 10:45am
Fisher's Famous Bacon Bone Soup
Smoked bacon bones can be quite salty so it is advisable to wash thoroughly before cooking...
5-8meaty bacon bones. . soup mix. . 2 bay leaves. . salt. . white pepper. . black pepper corns crushed. . onion salt. . oregano. . soy sauce. . swede. . potatoes. . carrots. . celery. . 3 onions. . capsicum. . spring onions. .
Place your bacon bones in a large stock pot and cover with water. Bring water to boil and turn down to simmer for 60 mins. .
Remove the bones and remove all the meat. . With "fresh" water, place meat with King's soup mix and bring to boil. Then Simmer for 20 mins... Meanwhile, wash and peel your vegetables and place "ALL" the peelings in a large pot. Cover with water add little salt, pepper and a dash of soy sauce and boil hard. . Strain the liquid from the peelings into the soup mix pot and discard the peelings...
Place half the chunky diced veges into a saucepan with a little salt and black pepper and boil until tender... Drain 95% of water into the stock pot and puree the veges with hand wand , then set aside.
To Main stock pot, add white pepper ( no salt ), onion salt, oregano, crushed pepper corns, bay leaves and balance of uncooked chunky vegetables...
Cover and let simmer for 40 mins. Add pureed veges and stir in well. Simmer for further 10 mins and soup should thicken up.
Serve with real fresh bread and lashings of butter... .

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