Pumpkin Pie in a Pie Maker

quickenden1, Sep 5, 1:48am
Have tried google but not found what I am looking for, a lot of recipes but none for a pie maker! I know it says in the book not to use liquid/custard fillings but a few on google say yes they do make them in the pie maker, BUT they dont give the actual recipe!

Does anyone have a recipe for making them in the pie maker, have pumpkin to spare and sick of soup and roast pumpkin and craving something a bit sweet! Thanks

245sam, Sep 5, 1:59am
quickenden1, I have the pie maker book "101 Great Pie Ideas from Sunbeam".In that book is a section re Quiche and one recipe there is a Pumpkin and Bacon Quiche.Would you like that recipe so that you could modify it from being a savoury quiche to being a sweet/Pumpkin pie!:-))

quickenden1, Sep 5, 2:04am
LOL hangs head~! I have that exact same book will go dig it out, completely forgot I had it :0) Thanks

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