Ice Cream Birthday Cakes

clareo, Sep 6, 8:09pm
Has anyone seen any of these round lately ! So short of time for a birthday. help!

willyow, Sep 6, 8:29pm
Wendys Icecreamstores have them

bobbin2, Sep 6, 8:49pm
Countdown also have them, one for girls and one for boys

clareo, Sep 6, 11:48pm
Thaanks for your replies - will check out Countdown later.

whitehead., Sep 7, 12:03am
i found ice cream very easy to work with all you do is clear a space in the deep freeze and let your mind run wild its fun good luck kids love them

lodgelocum, Sep 7, 5:08am
I haven't had an ice cream cake for so many years but can still remember how they used to taste, wonder if they still taste the same, probably not.

bambi58, Sep 7, 5:31am
New World & Pak n Save have them too.

sherrie, Sep 7, 10:15am
I always make my own!2 Litre Vanilla Icecream let it soften and then add it to a bowl then chop up pineapple lumps, snake lollies, pepples, chocolate buttons etcYou can add any lollies you like!smooth off the top the icecream in a stainless steel bowl then cover with tinfoil and put into freezer.This is best made the night before.When ready to eat run hot water over the outside of the bowl until icecream is loosened and tip out onto plate.Very yummy and always a big favourite in this house!

clareo, Sep 7, 8:44pm
Well there was none at our Countdown - so have made one now - so easy - yum yum yum.

rjgower75, Sep 7, 11:02pm
I always just make my own as it is much cheaper and you can do whatever you want with it.Miss just turned 9yrs wanted an igloo this year with penguins etc.Was quite fun to make and she was really pleased with it.

becortrev, Sep 8, 9:36am
I make my kids.Whatever flavour of icecream, lollies mixed in if desired.I have gotten the cans of whipped choc mousse, like the cream stuff in the past to decorate.Easy peasy, just let icecream soften a bit andyou are only limited by your own creativity.

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