9 litres of Trim Milk .

sarahb5, Aug 11, 1:28am
What can I do with it!I did my shopping online and obviously chose the wrong milk - kids/hubby drink light blue and I drink yellow.I have stuck 6 litres of it straight in the freezer because I have no idea what I'm going to do with it but that still leaves 3 - can I make rice pudding with it!Or maybe custard and freeze it!Alternatively, does anyone in New Plymouth want 9 litres of Trim milk!

lx4000, Aug 11, 1:31am
baking, porridge, desserts, mix in with the blue top to name a few

sarahb5, Aug 11, 1:37am
I don't think I'll get away with mixing it with the blue top unless I buy dark blue - they already reckon they can taste the difference when I top up the light blue with yellow.I'm the only one who eats porridge and 3 litres is a lot to get through on my own.I suppose I could make Yorkshire pudding to go with the steak for tea, maybe rice pudding to follow and bread & butter pudding tomorrow.

agave1, Aug 11, 1:48am
brocolli or caulflower with cheese sauce.

geldof, Aug 11, 2:03am
Add some milk powder to it!

davidt4, Aug 11, 2:03am
Add some cream and make a rice pudding.Use about 200g rice, 500 ml cream and 3 litres trim milk, sugar to your taste.

winnie231, Aug 11, 2:05am
White sauce, cheese sauce, scones, custard, creamy pasta bake, milk jelly, cakes (and baking in general), make your own yoghurt, yoghurt cheese .

245sam, Aug 11, 2:13am
geldof, I have on the odd occasion done just that - we only have Trim milk but IMO it doesn't make as nice a baked egg custard so I have got around that by adding some milk powder of whatever kind I have on hand.

sarahb5, for a family treat how about hot chocolate drinks! yummier, no doubt, if made with creamier than Trim milk but the promise of the nice chocolate taste may entice your family to drink the milk that otherwise they'd turn their noses up to.
Here's a milk pudding that you might also like to try - it's another oldie but when served with some fruit it makes a very nice dessert.

4 tbsp each ofbutterandsugar
3 tbsp flour
1 egg
600ml milk
vanilla essence

Heat the milk in a saucepan.
Cream the butterand sugar, add the flour, then gradually add the beaten egg.Pour on the hot milk and return the custard to the saucepan.Bring to the boil and cook for 5 minutes, stirring all the time.Add the vanilla.
Serve cold - is particularly nice with apricots or peaches.

Hope that helps.:-))

kiwitrish, Aug 11, 2:23am
Freeze some.

daisyhill, Aug 11, 2:24am
Macaroni cheese! The sauce uses loads of milk, and the end result freezes really well. Just make up a truckload and have it ready for future lunches and dinners :)

destiny6nz, Aug 11, 3:18am
make homemade cheese

sarahb5, Aug 11, 4:02am
I have frozen 6 litres of it

sarahb5, Aug 11, 4:04am
Sorry but no - I hate the stuff and the only people who like it actually prefer the packet stuff.

Anyway, will use some up doing some baking this afternoon for the rescuers at Paritutu - hubby will be out doing his bit in the IRB again tomorrow so will make up some rice pudding for them and something else - will think of something

sarahb5, Aug 11, 4:05am
Thanks - will give it a go because I've just realised I don't have any rice to make rice pudding for tonight's dinner

raewyn64, Aug 11, 4:33am
sarahb5 - big hugs to your hubby (if you don't mind lol) and all the others out there doing their very best in a very sad situation

dezzie, Aug 11, 4:46am
Its fine in smoked fish pie and seafood chowder, anything you start off with a roux base should be ok.

duckmoon, Aug 11, 4:54am
I would freeze and and when you need more- defrost it and mix it 50/50 with the ligth blue

duckmoon, Aug 11, 4:54am
rice pudding,
fish pie.
white sauce

duckmoon, Aug 11, 4:54am

duckmoon, Aug 11, 4:55am
corn fritters

duckmoon, Aug 11, 4:55am

duckmoon, Aug 11, 4:55am
or take it to the food bank on Monday

toadfish, Aug 11, 5:19am
Great idea

sarahb5, Aug 11, 5:41am
Well that'll have to wait but I will do that with the 6 that are in the freezer - I'm at work when the Food Bank is open but have just used about 4 cups making chocolate cake for the rescue squad and double quantity of ice cream pudding for us.Will send the rest with hubby tomorrow for drinks for the rescue squad too.

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