White Chocolate Mud Cake - keeping time?

accroul, Aug 6, 4:24am
How long in advance can I make a white chocolate mudcake!

chicco2, Aug 6, 4:53am
About a week, but, a few days would be ok. Let it cool in the tin, then wrap it in cling film or just store in a cakebox.

bo0tsey, Aug 7, 7:59am
Ooooh I wanna do this for my office bake off comp. Anyone got a tried and true recipe! I came across this one http://multiculturalmelbourne.com/2011/06/10/raspberry-and-white-chocolate-mud-cake-happy-birthday-mum/ but wanna do a white choc icing with sparkly dust stuff

ETA: I have the speights cookbook but want one with raspberries in it