Yoghurt for curry accompaniment?

springtime, Jul 15, 6:14am
I usually serve my curry topped on rice, with sliced bananas, coconut threads and some yoghurt on top (usually make cucumber yoghurt but no time.) - which yoghurt is the type to serve - the unsweetened or sweetened!

duckmoon, Jul 15, 6:20am

But often use sweetnened. But then again, if needed, I also put fruit yoghurt on, if that is all I have

cookessentials, Jul 15, 6:24am
Make Raita which is unsweetened yoghurt with finely diced cucumber and mint mixed through it. It has a cooling effect which is helpful if the curry is hot.

davidt4, Jul 15, 7:25am
Unsweetened full fat yoghurt, not too thick.I like Gopals for raita.Don't use Greek-style yoghurt as it is far too thick.

springtime, Jul 15, 7:28am
Thanks all.I had some unsweetened yoghurt in fridge. fresh n fruity brand I use for smoothies.Worked fine,with lovely bananas and thread coconut on.Yum.Even fussy daughter had it tonight.

blands70, Jul 15, 9:53pm
Also try unsweetened yoghurt with a pinch each of salt and garam masala mixed through it, yum

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