Help! Question re kidney beans.

melcraig, Apr 13, 5:01am
You know how you are supposed to soak the beans for 24 hours prior to use to get rid of the toxins... . would 9 hours do, or could that make us sick?

hezwez, Apr 13, 5:04am
9 hours is OK, I usually soak ours overnight, but you do need to drain that water away, rinse and then cook them in fresh water. Bring to the boil for 10 minutes then simmer until cooked.

melcraig, Apr 13, 5:06am
Oh thanks so much! That's a great help. Forgot to put them in water last night.

hezwez, Apr 13, 5:08am
That's fine. You can then use the (fresh) water that they've been boiled in, in soups etc.

245sam, Apr 13, 5:23am
melcraig, once you have drained off the soaking water, then added about the same quantity of fresh water, please do be sure to RAPIDLY BOIL the beans for 10-15 minutes to break down their potentially dangerous component and remember not to add any salt, sugar, lemon juice or tomato products to the beans until they are completely tender. :-))

buzzy110, Jan 28, 9:14am
Professional cooks are advised to not only soak them for a lengthy period of time but when cooking them, boil, then fast simmer for 30mins then throw that water away as well. Then cook again.

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