polly226, Jun 28, 10:28am
Has anyone got a recipe for old fashion fudge, not chocolate, a real simple wod be great -

kesley, Jun 28, 10:40am

zing! russian fudge. SO GOOD. drop the golden syrup back to 1T if you like it crumblyish. Make sure you grease your tin really, really well, or better still, line with baking paper.

rainrain1, Jun 28, 7:22pm
and leave out those awful nuts

polly226, Jun 30, 9:19am
Thanks will try it [ Cheers

polly226, Jun 30, 9:22am
I love nuts thou

kesley, Jun 30, 10:53pm
Haha, you can use the nuts! Toast them first for super flavour if you like (200C oven for 5-10 mins or until they smell really good when you open the door, but keep a very close eye on them as they'll burn really fast). They go so well with russian fudge. Just throw in as many as you like. I go for a handful (really precise, I know).

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