Coconut flavoured evaporated milk

mattdylan, Jul 10, 2:50am
Do I just use this the same way I would normal coconut cream! thanks

davidt4, Jul 10, 2:51am
It is nothing like coconut cream.What were you planning to use it for!

mattdylan, Jul 10, 2:57am
a Thai curry. was trying to be healthier

cabbagefan, Jul 10, 3:34am
works the same but just watch it dont catch.i used it and found it fine but it did burn on the bum.

jag5, Jul 10, 6:14am
I use evaporated milk with coconut brilliantly.can't taste the difference.

taurushat, Jul 10, 10:32am
I don't like using it in curries, it curdles too easily.I get a much better result using real coconut milk.

sumstyle, Jul 10, 9:31pm
I do this too :-)

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