Run out of sugar.

pbear, Jul 4, 12:33am
and I'm making a carrot cake.I'm only short by about 3/4 C.Would brown sugar be ok in a carrot cake!TIA

sarahb5, Jul 4, 12:34am
Sugar's sugar - the flavour may be a bit more "caramel"

pbear, Jul 4, 12:39am
Thats what I thought, I never usually run out of anything!

dezzie, Jul 4, 1:02am
probably be lovely with brown sugar, you might never make it with white sugar again, let us know.

pericles, Jul 4, 1:50am
never use white sugar, none in my pantry

kinna54, Jul 4, 2:19am
Brown, caster or raw would all do the trick

tramore, Jul 5, 3:34am
Also, I have found it is quite safe to halve the sugar content in cakes and this makes no difference to the taste of the finished product.I regularly do this and it is a saving!

perle, Jul 5, 9:17am
I always make my carrot cake with brown sugar

pbear, Jul 11, 8:20am
Thanks all!Turned out just fine!

toadfish, Jul 11, 9:05am
I always use RAW sugar in mine.

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