nanjay, May 21, 1:50am
Have been given some Kiwi Fruit but they are hard and very sour , wondering how I could ripen them for eating not cooking.cheers

unknowndisorder, May 21, 1:57am
We used to put them in the hot water cupboard with an apple to ripen.
Don't really eat them anymore, and can't remember how much success there was with the method lol

nfh1, May 21, 1:59am
Put them in a Paper Bag with a banana.

245sam, May 21, 2:15am
nanjay, the following information is from:-

"It normally takes between 3 - 5 days for a firm ZESPRI® Kiwifruit to ripen although this process can be hastened if placed in a paper bag with an apple or banana. A ripe kiwifruit will yield gently to your fingers when you press it, and can be eaten immediately or stored in the refrigerator for a further 2 - 3 weeks."

Hope that helps.:-))

cookessentials, May 21, 2:19am
brown paper bag usually works well. Having them in a bag with another piece of fruit also helps.

lythande1, May 21, 2:20am
Patience, doesn't take long at all.

nanjay, May 21, 2:40am
Thank you all for your help .cheers

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