Does bread contain sugar?

nowsgood, Mar 18, 5:15am
Just wondering.

nowsgood, Mar 18, 5:53am
Thanks for that, if you don't eat sugar what do you eat!

emzstrange, Mar 18, 5:55am

lx4000, Mar 18, 5:57am
are you wondering about processed sugars or natural sugars in foods!

angel404, Mar 18, 5:58am
protein and fats.

kinna54, Mar 18, 6:13am
Yes it contains sugar, it is used to give colour and activate rising agents, but it would probably be around 1tsp in most loaves.
If you really have to avoid sugar, maybe you could try making your own flat bread, although taste may be affected, or try using a sugar substitute.

duckmoon, Mar 18, 6:54am
When I make bread, I out 1tsp of sugar in with the yeast. It gives the yeast something to feed on.

But one 1tsp in a loaf of bread is stuff all

lx4000, Mar 18, 8:14pm
instead of sugar, add honey !

lythande1, Mar 18, 8:21pm
If you make bread then no it doesn't. It doesn't need it.
As for starch converting to sugar, actually it converts to glucose, not quite the same thing.

olwen, Mar 18, 8:50pm
Soda bread need not contain sugar, but the relationship between starches and sugar is so close that maybe if you are that particular about sugar you should not have any starches.Of course fruit and vegetables also contain some sugar so don't eat those either.Honey is basically a sugar solution albeit a natural one, it's not a good thing to have if you are avoiding sugar.

Glucose is also a sugar.A more easily absorbed one/

beaker59, Mar 19, 12:15am
All sugars and starches and ultimately celluloses are polymers of glucose. where glucose is the base unit and it can be joined with itself to form chains, shorter chains are sugars then longer starches etc etc.
Enzymes in your mouth and gut convert those chains to individual units or glucose so your body can use them. Take a plain sugar free cracker in your mouth, moisten it with your saliva and chew a little and hold it there for 5 min you will notice it starts to sweeten up thats your saliva enzymes doing thier work.

Thus Sucrose glucose starch honey flour are all the same to a diabetic. Though speed of conversion matters for other reasons hence glycemic index etc.

seano7, Mar 19, 12:22am
know no one gave you the right answer yes sugar is added to activate yeast

prawn_whiskas, Mar 19, 12:28am
But its all the same to your body in the end!

gasman64, Mar 19, 4:35am
Yes. Many bakers add sugar to their loves. You can ask them before you buy them if they do. Look especially at the commercial loaves.

olwen, Mar 19, 5:10am
When I learnt chemistry sugar meant a number of compounds which were either disaccharides or monosaccharides.

Disaccharides include sucrose (table sugar), lactose (milk sugar), and maltose.Monosaccharides include glucose and fructose.

Disaccharides basically are composed of two monosaccharide molecules which can fairly easily be split in two.Homebrewers may be familiar with producing an invert sugar solution by adding an acid to a sucrose solution and boiling it.

Starches are one of a group of polysaccharides which contain a number of monosaccharide molecules combined into a chain.Again these can be split into their components.

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