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tramore, May 15, 3:42am
I was given several bottles of boughtblue milk which has now gone off.very quickly too since I immediately threw it in the freezer as soon as I got it.I have defrosted one bottle and a couple of days later it smells off.I would like to be able to use it if possible and not have to throw it down the sink.Recipes and ideas please!

davidt4, May 15, 4:01am
Homogenised milk doesn't sour naturally, it goes rotten.Throw it away.

sarahb5, May 15, 4:16am
Make scones

nfh1, May 15, 4:17am
Are you winking because you are teasing!Or are you seriously wanting to use milk which has gone off!

sarahb5, May 15, 4:19am
My mum always made scones when the milk went sour - and yes it was just "normal" homogenised milk but it makes lovely light scones.

nfh1, May 15, 4:21am
Really!Wow - sorry I thought you were teasing as well!

Sorry sorry sorry!I thought once milk went off that was it.Not game enough to try it though/

vmax2, May 15, 4:23am
It is very easy to make yourself sick with pasteurised homogenised milk if it has gone off.Not so with raw milk which just naturally sours.For the sake of your health and your families throw it out.

sarahb5, May 15, 4:25am
Well it never made anyone in our family sick because you're cooking it again which kills off the bacteria so it's absolutely safe - no different to yoghurt

nfh1, May 15, 4:31am
About to ask a really dumb question now ---

so is sour cream - just what it says on the pack!

dilligaf_dah, May 15, 4:42am
I use milk thats gone off to feed me plants.

hestia, May 15, 5:00am
Isn't that the same thing!

245sam, May 15, 5:34am
nfh1, the sour cream we buy in the tubs is sour cream but not just plain naturally soured cream - it is cream with additives and cultures that make it the product we buy.:-))

nfh1, May 15, 5:47am
Thanks 245sam - I learn something everyday on here.You can tell I came to cooking at a late age!

vmax2, May 15, 7:35am
Pasteurised Homogenised is no good for nothing.Calves that are fed pasteurised milk die.If they are fed raw milk they thrive.So it is with humans.We need living food in our diet.Not dead food.And as for rotten milk.Go ahead and drink it and report back to us.But it might be a few days before you can because I think you will be very ill.

knowsley, May 15, 7:49am
Unfortunately, a very large percentage of the population disagree with you.

vmax2, May 15, 9:32am
Just because a large % of the population disagree with me doesn't make them right.Everyone needs to make an informed decision and try it for themselves.Often after the first mouthful of delicious full fat A2 raw milk there is no going back.Far superior taste and it feels so dam good.And it doesn't go off, still drinkable in the sour stage.

kuaka, May 15, 9:48am
My old school teacher taught us that a double negative is a positive, so "no good for nothing" means it is good for something!

gardie, May 15, 6:21pm
I'm afraid I agree with some - chuck it out.I wouldn't risk it, cooked or not.

knowsley, May 15, 6:47pm
So now you are changing your story from being "good for nothing" to not tasting as nice!

vmax2, May 15, 10:00pm
Yes rotten pasteurised milk is good for something - this -, May 15, 11:36pm
We use raw milk and when that goes sour I use it to make scones and pancakes.
If the homogenised milk only smells sour and has no mould growth or anything else weird I would say that it would be ok to use bearing in mind that you re-cooking it anyway.
By the time you read this you may well have made a decision., May 15, 11:38pm
My husband brought home 2 litres of blue standard milk from work that was on its use by date and I've put it in the freezer. God knows what I'm going to do with that much. Rice pudding wouldn't even use that much milk and not good to put down the sink.

seafield1, May 15, 11:51pm
I use mine for baking

sarahb5, May 16, 12:08am
Same and so did my mum - makes great scones - just like using buttermilk

bid-warz, May 16, 12:16am
macaroni cheese yum

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