Laptop Birthday Cake advice please!

sezza648, Apr 8, 7:21am
So, I am going to attempt to make a laptop birthday cake for Hubby (deprived childhood with no novelty cakes so I am helping him make up for lost time! ). Anyway, two questions:
1. How do you make grey/silver buttercream icing?
2. What would be the best way to secure the 'screen' to the 'keyboard' bit, so it look like an open laptop?

I imagine I am going to make two slabs of butter cake, ice and decorate with licorice keys/space bar

Any ideas? ?

Thank you in advance :o)

greerg, Apr 8, 7:38am
Black powder food colouring is really good - daughter made a magnificent shark for her brother using that and I think you can get a gel one that is good as well from cake decorating shops.
I think I would cut the bottom edge of the screen cake on an angle and stick the cut edge against the back edge of the keyboard with icing. Tou might need to prop it with a wooden sker or two though. You could ice the screen blue and make a Windows logo out of fondant icing coloured with food colouring.

valentino, Apr 8, 8:00am
The screen part (monitor) could just be a thin slab of chocolate or White with dark choc edging. .

Simply melt sufficient white choc, smooth on flat surface (size to suit) the add enough darker choc to cover over the white plus an extra 1/2 inch or so all around. Allow to cool completely then turn it over and one has a screen.

One may then mould a firm enough mount to the bottom edge of choc slab to hole the screen vertical. Do your cake as planned and push the screen to match top edge of cake or do the cake first and match the size in choc as noted above.

Keyboard buttons could be snmall rectangular shapes of choc or cut up those thin minty chocs to suit and place on an iced cake.

Just floating thoughts for you.


phas3e, Apr 8, 8:36am
i was curious and i googled and most of the people said they used styrofoam or something similar for the screen.

this one was cool

hawki1, Jan 11, 10:44pm

Comes with instruction down the page... . what an awesome idea, I am sure he will love it.

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