Sugar free chocolate cake recipes please

radark, May 1, 6:44am
i have to make a sugar free choc cake tomorrow for someone.does anyone have a good recipe using liquid sucaryl.splenda was too expensive.was thinking about a gf torte and subbbining the sugars for sucaryl.any better ideas

jessie981, May 1, 7:56am
Not sure if this is of help. Go into the lefthand message board & under key word put suar free etc. Under date posted put last year. Maybe of help. Good luck.

guest, Apr 2, 11:08am
This pie looks so delicious, apple pie is one of my the plated and criss crossed pastry on top..collage looks great.Catherine BYW

guest, Jan 11, 9:58am
Haelulljah! I needed this-you're my savior.

guest, Jan 13, 1:55pm
Now that's subelt! Great to hear from you.

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