Kiwi Fruit Stewed - anyone done this?

rai5, Apr 7, 5:15am
Brought some green kiwi fruit today on a good special. I have just tasted one of them and it is so bitter and hard I am now thinking of stewing them with a bit of sugar. Has anyone doen this and how do they taste or any hints I need to follow?

uli, Apr 7, 5:41am
They have probably been just harvested (a bit early) and need to sit and ripen.

Keep them together with some apples and within the next week they should turn soft and edible - IF not harvested FAR too early, which might mean they go soft and IN-edible LOL :)

Give it a try.

uli, Apr 7, 7:34am
How is it going?

daleaway, Apr 8, 1:52am
The only similar recipe I have seen was from a restaurant which dipped kiwifruit slices in brown sugar then fried them in butter.
They were apparently a popular menu item, but I have not tried them myself so could not vouch for it.

rai5, Apr 8, 9:28pm
I've decided to stew them with an apple and then add some sugar. Will let you know once I've done it over the weekend.

uli, Apr 8, 11:50pm
So were they getting soft and ripe - or still hard and un-ripe?

fruitluva2, Apr 9, 12:47am
Doubt whether you'd get instant results within 2 hours.

Will try that one day daleaway.

rai5, Apr 9, 3:53am
I brought them on Wednesday to use in smoothies, but when I started to cut them up they were as hard as rocks. Then I tasted a piece and it was so sour. I've peelled them all and chopped them up. Tomorrow or if I get time later tonight I'll cut up an apple I have and stew them, then add a bit of sugar and hopefully they will then be edible or can be used in smoothies. No wonder they were cheap!

jubre, Apr 9, 4:38am
Emmm. that dipped in brown sugar and fryed in butter sounds nice.

rai5, Apr 9, 9:07pm
Well I've stewed them with a grannysmith apple. Had some for breakfast with cereal and they're fine, but goodness knows how much food value is left after the cooking.

wizzbikz, Apr 10, 3:44am
fibre only

fogs, Apr 10, 7:40am
It annoys me that they are harvesting and selling kiwifruits so early there is no way they will ripen. Even May is early for Kiwifruits. We harvest ours in June/july

rai5, Apr 10, 9:49pm
Hi Fogs and Uli, I will be more careful before buying them again. One thing I did notice was they didn't have any stickers on them. Maybe a sign for me in future not to buy ones without a sticker. Lesson learned. Thanks for the information.

suz, Jul 25, 10:06am
I keep them until they soften then stew them with a little water and spoonful of golden unrefined caster sugar. Keep in jar in fridge. Delicious with natural yogurt and sliced banana!

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