2/3 cup of butter in a recipe.

badd7, Apr 22, 4:40am
can someone please tell me how many grams this is!.tia

245sam, Apr 22, 4:44am
badd7, 1 cup butter = 250g (measured in a standard N.Z. measuring cup, then weighed on digital scales), so 2/3 cup = 166.666g/167g or close enough to 170g.:-))

badd7, Apr 22, 4:48am
thanks.a bit hit and miss though.will try about 200and c wot happens.thanks

gardie, Apr 22, 4:54am
http://www.browneyedbaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/ButterChart.pdfSomeone posted this link a while ago - its the best!

245sam, Apr 22, 4:59am
badd7, do you have a 1 cup measuring cup!If so fill it 1/3 full with water then add the butter, bit by bit until the cup is full to the top.Pour the water off and what's left will equal 2/3 cup butter.
OR alternatively, if you use the 50g markings on the butter wrapper, then it's a smidgeon over 3 of those (150g) + 1 tbsp (15g).:-))

tonyrockyhorror, Apr 22, 5:01am
It's 2/3rds of a cup. A cup is 250mL. The bulk density of butter is around 900kg/m³.

So (2/3 x 250mL x 900kg/m³ / 1 000mL/L / 1 000L/m³) = 0.150kg = 150g

gardie, Apr 22, 5:02am

tonyrockyhorror, Apr 22, 5:02am
You shouldn't be. I made a mistake! LOL

willyow, Apr 22, 5:11am
Dunno - but it's about 2 inches on your waistline

buzzy110, Apr 22, 5:14am
I just went to a converter. Using the Aussie cup 2/3rds of a cup of butter = just a smidgeon under 160g.

I like the water method as suggested by 245sam best of all.

sclaredy_cat, Apr 22, 6:12am
I'm glad you typed that 245sam, saved me doing it. It also works for peanut butter :)

badd7, Apr 22, 6:43am
i used about 150g and it turned out really nice.thanks everyone for your help

duckmoon, Apr 22, 8:15am
three options.
the water in a cup trick -
using a converter with google (something like 1/3cup of butter in grams) will find you the answer.

angela137, Apr 22, 10:34pm
If you can work out 1/3 of a cup for water - couldnt you just double that amount and put a line on the cup (on the outside) and fill with butter to the mark!

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