Really healthy best meals

gaspodetwd, Apr 21, 8:25pm
We are looking at eating healthier at home. We do quite well normally but want a bit more variety.
We eat roast dinners - with lots of veg.
Chicken or steak with oven chips and lots of salad.
Omelette and salad.
Jacket potato - stuffed.

We are wanting to get rid of anything fried. So does anyone have a good fish recipe for parcels! Or new things to with chicken!

buzzy110, Apr 22, 12:00am
Does this mean you want to do away with sauteing as well!

blueskyday, Apr 22, 1:19am
a veg curry in a crock pot. puts tons of vegies, can chick peas, handfuls of lentils etc.Either use can of korma sauce or season to taste.cook for about half day. then enjoy with steamed rice.perfect mix of protein and veg.Good luck with the healthy living

bedazzledjewels, Apr 22, 1:37am
Sounds like a low fat version of "what's healthy!" Let us know OP as it changes the suggestions people will give you.

gaspodetwd, Apr 22, 5:29am
Well it's complicated as we eat gluten free. But I can change recipes easily enough. However, I wondered what recipes people use every week - that are tasty and healthy. I want to do away with sautéing - you're right. And limited dairy - as two of the family are lactose free.
We have gone onto lots of roasts and Veges. But everyone wants something with rice - that's a bit different. I know it's a tough ask.

vmax2, Apr 22, 5:39am
There are plenty of ways of varying the veges you eat.Different types of mash - cauliflower and kumara etc. Add lots of butter and cream and a herb if you wish.Salads can be varied, just use your imagination.Changing the dressing on a salad can change the flavour entirely.Lightly stir frying is fine.Stir fry various greens - silverbeet, beetroot tops, kale, cabbage, add a few nuts, lots of butter, salt and pepper.Roasts are great in that you can then have leftover meat for breakfast and lunches.I like nothing better than a fresh salad with a bit of meat or cheese for breakfast.Prepare the salad the night before if you have to or just easy carrot sticks etc with olive oil drizzled over.You are only limited by your imagination.If you don't have a garden already, then get one or try and buy a variety of veg, not just the standard carrot, potato, peas.

lilyfield, Apr 22, 5:45am
vmax2lots of butter!

biggles45, Apr 22, 5:57am
I haven't fried anything for years. Don't know about fish parcels but I either steam or poach fish, except for salmon which I wrap in foil and bake in the oven.Things like steaks, cutlets, chops I grill on a trivet so that any fat drips away from the meat. As someone else said, stir fry is good, and you need minimal oil just use enough to wipe round wok to assist non-stick, with none lying in the bottom. I make my own sauces (so that we know whats in them and no preservatives etc), heaps of recipes on the web for sweet and sour, korma, satay etc to make basic meals more interesting.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 22, 5:58am
Some of us see butter as healthy. Vmax I think OP may be low fat as well as gluten free!
Probably the best bet for OP is to look at the Healthy Food Guide website for gluten-free recipes if you want low fat ones as well.

vmax2, Apr 22, 6:05am
Yes I believe butter is very healthy for us.I see some of the family is lactose free.For some who have this problem, butter is fine to eat.Coconut oil might be a good oil for you to cook with instead.I believe that when you take fat out of food it tastes bland and boring.For me there is nothing nicer than veges with lots of butter and pepper and salt.

jimmy2102, Apr 22, 6:31am
Bedazzle! Whats O.P

cookessentials, Apr 22, 6:33am
original poster jimmy2102

bedazzledjewels, Apr 22, 6:45am
Thanks Cooks.

medicina, Apr 22, 7:47am
Soup and fresh bread
If there's gluten-free pasta then a chicken/mustard pasta dish