Loads of sour cream!

shorty246, Apr 6, 11:33pm
Any ideas? ? near enough to expired

mackenzie2, Apr 6, 11:41pm
LEMON & SOUR CREAM CAKE, Beat 125gms butter with 1 cup sugar and grated rind of 1 lemon, add 3 eggs, beat, add half cup sour cream, beat, add 1 cup self raising flour, beat for 3 mins till pale and fluffy, bake inpaper lined tin for 40 - 50 mins (oven dependent) at 180 degrees, serve while still warm, with a lemon juice and sugar mix (warmed together until sugar dissolved) and either cream or yougurt. Excellent to freeze

shorty246, Apr 6, 11:43pm
thank you ! !

mackenzie2, Apr 6, 11:44pm
SOUR CREAM BANANA CAKEBeat 3 eggs, 1. 5 cups sugar, then add 1/2 cup cheap oil and 3/4 cup sour cream & 3 ripe bananas beat all, then add 2 cups white flour 1. 5 tsp ofbaking powder and 1 tsp baking soda Beat till nice and smooth bake 170 degrees for 1 hr I ice with white and dark choc I make this at work and it is the most requested of all, keeps really well I double and put one in the freezer. Enjoy. Sorry left out some info... I bake mine in either a high sided 22inch tin or if I want to strech the servings in a larger square, I have never mixed in a food proccessor only because it is quiet small.

cookessentials, Apr 7, 2:12am
try this link
http://www.cooksunited.co. uk/rs/s0/sour+cream/recipes.html

poppy62, Apr 7, 2:13am
Its really nice to use this as a thickener for sauces or stews - gives a nice flavour and you dont need the usual flour and water.

cookessentials, Apr 7, 4:35am
I use it in beef stroganoff and Swedish meatballs.

maandpa2b, Apr 7, 5:27am
Honey mustard chicken, use sour cream instead of normal cream. just delicious. Baked potatoes with SC, mushrooms... . .

andrea1978, Apr 7, 10:27am
french onion dip
go to you tube - type in scott french onion dip ... very easy and uses sour cream and mayonnaise. i add in more garlic powder than he says to, a few splashes of kaitaia fire and parsley (italian and the curly one)

elliehen, Jan 9, 9:13pm
A dollop of sour cream added to scrambled eggs makes them deliciously soft and fluffy :)

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